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Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
Table of Contents

                                           I.         Foreward, from Landsberg Am Lech, Fortress Prison

Volume One: A Reckoning

                                         I.         In the House of My Parents

                                       II.         Years of Study and Suffering in Vienna

                                     III.         General Political Considerations Based on My Vienna Period

                                     IV.         Munich

                                       V.         The World War

                                     VI.         War Propaganda

                                   VII.         The Revolution

                                 VIII.         The Beginning of My Political Activity

                                     IX.         The 'German Workers' Party'

                                       X.         Causes of the Collapse

                                     XI.         Nation and Race

                                   XII.         The First Period of Development of the National Socialist German Workers' Party

Volume Two: The National Socialist Movement

                                         I.         Philosophy and Party

                                       II.         The State

                                     III.         Subjects and Citizens

                                     IV.         Personality and the Conception of the Folkish State

                                       V.         Philosophy and Organization

                                     VI.         The Struggle of the Early Period - the Significance of the Spoken Word

                                   VII.         The Struggle with the Red Front

                                 VIII.         The Strong Man is Mightiest Alone

                                     IX.         Basic Ideas Regarding the Meaning and Organization of the SA

                                       X.         Federalism as a Mask

                                     XI.         Propaganda and Organization

                                   XII.         The Trade Union Question

                                 XIII.         German Alliance Policy After the War

                                XIV.         Eastern Orientation or Eastern Policy

                                  XV.         The Right of Emergency Defense


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Picture of 
Adolf Hitler


Our German language version of Mein Kampf consists of two large text files: MK Volmue One and MK Volmue Two.

A hard copy of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf is available from National Vanguard Books. The link will take you to their catalog, where both English and German editions are offered under the “Western Philosophy and Ideology” section.




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