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The 13 Midot (attributes) for Life 

Rav Yisrael Salant, a great scientist of the previous generation taught us 13 Midot, attributes, qualities, principles, values to our lives 

1. Truth 
To be honest talk. Do not say anything unless you know clearly that is true. 

2. Agility 

Learn to use the time, do what must be done immediately. Time is very valuable to waste it. 

3. The Diligence 

Consciously make decisions. Decides what to do and then do it with enthusiasm. If in doubt, get advice. Do not stay in a state of confusion. 

4. Respect 

You must be very careful with the feelings of others. Every human being is precious because it was created in the image of Elohim. It was nice to everyone 

5. Tranquility 

Be calm. Do not let small things we take away our peace of mind. Remain calm and serenity. Demonstrates calm in everything you do. 

6. Serenity 

Remember the advice of King Solomon, the wise words of those are quietly. " The wise speak slowly. Encourages this habit, you understand and you understand better. 

7. Hygiene 
It is important to maintain personal hygiene, clothing, housing and public places clean. Respects both your body and your clothes. 

8. Patience 

It is necessary to cultivate patience whatever the situation. There is a time for everything in life, not hasten pretend. 

9. Order 
It is important to focus on everything that one does, without being distracted. Save everything in their place, this will avoid loss of time and patience. Manage your time and agenda items. Planned and organized. So your projects successfully implemented. 

10. Humility 

Recognize their own limitations, and ignores the mistakes of others. Learn from everyone. Each person has any knowledge or virtue that we do not possess. You're not perfect. 

11. The Righteousness 

Remember the wise advice of Hillel, "which is unpleasant for you not to do another one who loves and practices justice is fair and his conscience is clean. Do always what is right, especially with regard to your obligations. 

12. The Austerity Moderate 

Remember what Ben Zoma taught: Who is rich?, Who are dissatisfied with what they have. The money is to use, not for love. It is a means and not an end in itself. Do not waste money unnecessarily. For others it would be vital. 

13. Silence 
Judge the value of words before speaking. Talking is one of the most powerful weapons. It is a unique human characteristic. Silence is an expression of wisdom. Think before you speak and not speak unless you have something important to say.