Account by Alex Bein - A biographer of Herzl:
Give credit to publisher The American Zionist Emergency 
Council, NY, 1946 of "The Jewish State" by Theodor Herzl 
for Alex Bein's account. 

At about the age of 12 he read a German book about the Messiah - king who many Jews still awaited and who should come riding, like the poorest of the poor, on a boro, burro,, ass or donkey. The history if the Exodus and the legend of the liberation by the King - Messiah ran together in the boy's mind, inspiring in him the theme of a wonderful story which he sought in vain to put into literary form.

A little while thereafter Herzl had the following dream: "The King - Messiah came, a glorious and majestic old man, and swept off with me on the wings of the wind. On one of the iridescent clouds we encountered the figure of Moses. The features were those familiar to me out of my childhood in the statue of Michelangelo. The Messiah called to Moses: It is for this child that I have prayed. But to me he said: Go, declare to the Jews that I shall come soon and perform great wonders and great deeds for my people and for the whole world".

Account by Norman H, Finkelstein - A biographer of Herzl:

..., young Dori (Theodor Herzl; Wolf, Tivador, Benjamin Zev. b. 5/2/1860, Budapest, Hungary; d. 7/3/1904) developed a vivid imagination and often escaped into the world of daydreaming and books. 

Once, after reading a story of the Messiah, who, according to Jewish tradition, he is destined to save the world, young Dori had a dream in which the Messiah took him in his arms and flew off towards heaven. There young Dori Herzl of Budapest met Moses. The Messiah turned to Moses and called out, For this child I have prayed!" To Dori he said, Go, and announce to the Jews that I will soon come and perform great and wondrous deeds for my people and for all mankind".


    Above: His monument In Jerusalem, Mt Herzl

    Left: Herzl @ Rhine River in Basel.