The following sources compete or contradict with each other. This is due to the fact that in the approximate 2000 years of the Jewish Diaspora there was no other way to explain the reality of the return of Israel to a functioning society in its own sovereignty, therefore human nature being what it is, needed to answer very difficult and painful questions pertaining to this subject. There actually was no choice in the matter! 

Today, since the advent of the Jewish nation's return these doubts ceased to exist. Israel has materialized! It is now incumbent to build the Temple! 

It is folly to depend on a miracle, that G-d will do it for us or for that matter for Himself. 

We must relegate the following sources as passť, just as we did with the Torah for all these years (these sources were the product of their times). This is not meant as a disparaging remark, may we bite our tongues, but rather to reconstruct the Holy Torah to its original meaning. 

By going back to pure Torah the Mashiach is not necessary to build it and is  for a different purpose. Nay, a Mashiach is not even beneficial for the world, it is due to people not conducting themselves in the way of the Torah and not as a privilege! The building of the Temple must be undertaken! Anyone who rises to the occasion may do it. All it takes is managing skills. It is hard and dirty work. It should not be envied! When it is completed it will be enjoyed by all. All that is required from the general public is $2.50 (the value of a 1/2 shekel) so we can get to work.

These are some of the the sources. We list them for sentimental and posterity value:

1. Mishnah Torah, Hilchos Melachim, 11.1, 4. (That man will build it - Rambam's view).

2. Sukah 41a, Rosh Hashanah 30a, Tosfos Sukah (That G-d will 
build it - Rashi's view)

3. Shmos (Exodus) 15.17 (The sanctuary of G-d established by 
Your Hand).

4. Talmud Yerushalmi Megilah 1;11, Pesachim 9.1, Vayikra Raba 96, Bamidbar Raba 13.2 (Rambam's view) Medrish Tanchuma Pekudei 11, Zohar 28a (Rashi's view)

5. Bereishis (Genesis) Raba 64.10 (Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chanania - by the way, not Moshiach - led an effort to build the Temple ie. by man).

6. Sanhedrin 98a (which explains the contradiction of Daniel 7.13 "Behold, like the son of man came on the clouds of heaven" 
versus Zecharia (Zacharia) 9.9 "your king will come like a poor 
man riding on a donkey" whether we are worthy or not, Rashi's 
view vs Rambam's view).

7. Hilchos Beis Habchirah 1.4 Explains that King Solomon, 
also man, built the Temple, as stated in Melachim (Kings) based 
on the design stated in Ezekiel (Yechezkel) and Ezra, man, built 
it according to Shlomo's design while implementing the details 
that Ezekiel does explicitly detail.

8. Also, Eicha 2.9 ("Her gates sank in the earth"), Eichah Raba, 
Sotah 9a, Bava Basra 53b, Sharei Zohar to Sukah 41a, Bamidbar Raba 15.13, 

9. Sefer Hamitzvos (which states that it is incumbent upon man, 
the tzibur, the nation, to build it, when it becomes possible to 
build it, which is our generation).

10. Malachi 3.4 ("and then the offering of Judah and Jerusalem 
will be in the days of old and bygone years")



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