While I do not profess to be qualified in any of the important intricacies of special religious expertise on this subject my desire stems from the verse in Shemos (Exodus) Parshas Terumah 25:8 "veosu li mikdosh..." and the verses in the 1st commandment "Anochi...", I am ... in Shemos (Exodus) 25:1 (Jethro) and Devarim *Deuteronomy) 5:6 (Vaeschanan). The true way of fulfilling these requirements are through the Bais Hamikdosh (Temple).

Also, there are authorities that hold that the B"H will be built by people rather than miraculously, and this work presupposes that opinion.

I do however profess that any Jew may aspire to this desire simply because he wants to "mezake the rabim" (bring merit to the multitudes) towards the potential to keep the entire Torah. To do teshuvah on half the Torah is not 'sheleimah'! I hope and believe that the readiness and willingness will come with the publicizing of this work.

It goes without saying that the most critical concept is to have in hand the willingness of the people. Without people and an empty Temple is like a king without people, patently absurd! The land of Israel without a Temple is a naked land. This work therefore presupposes that the will of the people is given. If not then this work is in vain as it says in Psalm 127. I am somehow confident that if it's built they will certainly come and be awakened to teshuvah! In this vein I continue.

It seems inconceivable to me that it is impossible to get it done through peoples' efforts as the holy books say. We got the land by volition, the other half of the work - the temple - can also be built by volition. There is no inherent difference!. Volition is the way, it is more honorable to Has-hem when we want to build it rather than He building His Own! Certainly only its successful (sic barring) completion will attest to its success.

So therefore, the above in conjunction with my passion I took the liberty to prepare this thesis. I hope that the following are a few motivational words to jump start the ultimate completion of this work. 

People, the hurdle is big and the obstacles are huge but the time has come to build the holy temple and legitimize the Jewish State! - the situation demands it - to advance the purpose of our destiny - to take the next huge step in our development!

The Jewish State has been established for approximately 50 years (a yovel). The State is viable and it is the moment to move on. It is the Temple that is missing to truly represent the Torah and to verify and validate our existence.

This new option has never sunk in deeply enough within us because of our long diaspora, the shock of the Shoah, the reality of the jewish State becoming extant, our horrific experiences in the past as well as those we are still experiencing, world wide Jew hating and the murdering of our people in our own long prayed for land in our times.

The following pages are a general outline of the procedure. It is not meant to be rigidly linear since like everything in lifes' steps, they depend on others and THEIR next step. Some of the steps may need to be 
made in conjunction with other steps, some even before others (such as land acquisition, which may need to be the first step, indeed) or after others. The logistics is there, so when an obstacle appears it can be addressed and move on. The foundation is all laid out.

May we succeed in this lifetime historical challenge. The opportunity is boundless. Only ill will can hold it back! One person can start it, but 1 person or even a group cannot stop it, as has been seen from acquiring the State!


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