I am a concerned member of the Jewish nation and therefore am not representing any particular group and am writing this letter and brief in behalf of them. 

No one asked me to do this so I cannot answer to anyone but the Torah. Although I am in this for all intents and purposes, alone in the meantime, (there are only a handful of individuals who know about this work) the idea is for others with various expertise to join me and come on board and if there are already groups similar to this in any way, shape or form, we can combine and consolidate the effort. 

In this frame of reference I am submitting the enclosed brief entitled "The Holy Temple". It is an argument whose time has come to shed light on the validity of the subject. I understand that an effort like this requires maximum cooperation from many people and a large sum of financial capital. It is however not something that has to prove itself or bring in a return on the money. The benefits are intangible, vast, unimaginable and non-substitutable.

Please allow me to remind you of a perspective. 

With the advent of the State of Israel, although it has been established largely due to ridding the world of anti-Semitism, according to Theodore Herzl's book The Jewish State, it has become a reality nevertheless even though it obviously did not fulfill that hope. The facts on the ground are that we are there and no backing out, heaven forbid! 

The better and more hopeful way was to wait for the Messiah. There is a view that he will come after the Temple is standing. There is also a 
view that he will come for all people and will have expected the Jewish people to have built, according to MAIMONEDES.

Be that as it may, whether Herzl was self-duped in moving forward, that Jews out of the way or into safe haven in Israel was the right reason, or if he felt so desperate and was compelled to go forward or G-d worked in His mysterious ways and delivered us there through various means, it is a fait acomplis. But, we are not doing so well. Maybe it will take a century to get it right, but being there at present is without a doubt in my mind correct nevertheless. 

I believe that the government of Israel is fully capable of supplying this effort is a part of the religious persuasion because this will lead to tesuvah' (repentance) of Klal Yisroel (the nation of Israel).

Now, as much as the extreme left in Israel deny the religious aspect of the State and even though our living there may indeed have been through coercion (the Shoah and maybe the Nations without realizing the total consequence of the purport of their actions may have surreptitiously ('ormah' , in Hebrew, which is permissible!) nudged us in there) it is nevertheless through the Torah that we BELONG there and not through the minds of men. 

The concept being that all the years of our wanderings we had no choice but to live scattered outside the Land. We were forced to substitute our service to Hash-em by lips as we say every day (uneshalmah Porim sefosaynu: Hosea 14:3). Now, we are so close to the real thing we cannot pick and choose what we want to do. To keep half the Torah (297 mitzvot out of 613) is inexcusable, no, even worse a travesty. The other 316 mitzvot we have been performing through proxy must now be realistically regenerated. Continuing with words in lieu of activity seems like the height of ridicule. It seems so thoughtless and unconscionable.

It therefore is inevitable that building the Temple must seriously be pondered. As long as Israel has been recognized by Jews and the Nations (barring some fringe murderous groups) The Temple and the Land become inseparable, one is integral with the other! Going on with negotiations may be futile if our central goal, the Temple, is not addressed. 

My attempt here among other faithful (Temple Faithful, Ateret Cohanim) is to throw another hat in the ring towards that ultimate goal. That is the road to validate G-d, the Torah and ourselves. I believe it is our test and we dare not fail!

The identity of the author is not being revealed in order that no one individual claims any credit. It is to be considered a national effort. 


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