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ESSAYS  I WANT THE WORLD TO SHARE  (some information and thoughts I think the world would benefit.)



1. Life is not a punishment.

2. It is not a gift.

3. It is an opportunity.

4. It is a test in order to see what choices one takes in life's journey.

5. Some people see it early in life and some people see it later. Some choices are personal and some are impersonal ie. they involve others.



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1. To wean off the physical and materialistic aspects of life ie. to use life for the purposes of divesting rather than accumulating.

2. To lead a purely spiritual life. It is everlasting and free of the mundane desires of temporal life.

3. After all, to work all one's life for worldly pursuits and at the end lose it all is just not worth the effort and the time.



1. To educate, communicate and inform others of ideas to improve life.

2. Since to end one's own life is a horrible thought, vis-a-vis living as a spirit, there will be plenty of time for that through the natural path, old age, illness. etc., there is still the aspect of doing the most kindest thing which is helping others by making this life a better quality.


AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT‚ (there are some overlapping ideas in the categories: religion, strife, ignorance and indifference. Since these categories are intertwined this could not be avoided.)


1. Religion, no matter which ones, as we know it today are man made devices.

2. There are good aspects to them and bad ones.

3. Some are silly and egotistical, some are false, some are nonsensical and some are dangerous.

4. Religion is supposed to represent the good aspect of life, what God wanted and planned for mankind. Well, somewhere along the path it veered off.

5. None of the recognized ones, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are doing anything sane about making human sense of it. After all people have a right, since they are the stokers of the world, to a decent life. Anyone who opposes this concept is either evil or insane.

6. The Jews should have been the adored people of the world similar to the celebrities of today who are beloved and win awards regularly for doing what God wanted. Instead they failed and are disrespected like vermin and want to be ridiculed and at times eliminated!

7. And therefore their living in Israel is a world blunder. This should be known and in this light the world community should deal sanely with the existing situation, ie. the Osama bin Laden's and Hamas's of the world.

8. The flip side of this point is that according to the bible as well as historical data Jews and Israel are inseparable. The fact that Jews abandoned the land, nay, were deported 1000's of years ago does not disclaim or disavow their association. This idea says that the Arabs are the occupiers. The Jews therefore steadfastly believe that never has God said that Jews have lost their rights to live there, nay, even that they must live there when it becomes possible!

9. It seems a fait acomplis that Jews have returned. It seems to be more symbolic than a rightful biblical return and should be dealt with that way. A peaceful, reasonable and rational solution should be sought rather than an aggressive, gung ho, absolutist, hardnosed approach. It is unconscionable and unacceptable to civilized times and world direction that the indigenous inhabitants for 1000's of years must be forced out against the backdrop of historical impropriety. They must be treated with respect and human dignity, on both sides of the issue.



1. There exists in our times an unprecedented situation in the world today.

2. The Jews, the supposedly a passť and defunct religion, which was supposedly replaced, in the minds of people the 2 other main religions, have returned or made an unexpected comeback to the middle east.

3. This comeback was primarily as a result of modern technological abilities coupled with unwanted ness of the Jewish people by the rest of the world.

4. The Jews seized an opportunity due to various pressures imposed on them out of desperation and panic, human frailties to be sure.

5. Of course there is lengthy history that went along with that phenomenon as well as questionable cause and effect.

6. It may even have been a failure of civilization, the UN, nevertheless it is virtually humanly irreversible. Evacuation of the Jews, which would be the correct thing to undertake, is patently absurd since we would be back where we started in the first place and probably worse off for it.

7. Right or wrong it remains a hotspot, nay a catastrophe unless sanity is restored in the minds of man.

8. It has become a free for all with no light at the end of the tunnel.

9. To indoctrinate the very young that not having versus having is a viable course in life. That having , especially more and more, is the rat race of life and is indeed ugly in a deeper sense.



1. The premise for Jews as they are represented today with all the back pedaling and retracing their steps back to antiquity is a failure in terms , no more or no less than the other 2 main religions.

2. No one follows God's original law. And therein lies the problem. It is not political as the world tries to naively believe. It is the incompetence of man to live up to the high standards the Heaven expects of us.

3. Christians are naively sacrificing for Jews who are and have been opposed to christianity for 1000's of years. Muslims are murdering for their beliefs, it's insanity reigning supreme, evil at work at its best.

4. It is up to mankind to fix this. Not God, Jihad or a second coming. Utopia or Armageddon? the choice is ours, humans. 5. There is what to strive for in peace and harmony amongst man! 



1. Bad habits mistaken for righteousness and normalcy.

2. People not caring for others in a global, internetted and intercommunicated world.

3. We have evolved so nice and progressive, why throw it all away at this stage. We have come up, why lose it?

4. We must end greedy indifference. It's costing us and no one seems to realize it. We go on blindly with destruction, hate and insensitivities. It's having a snowball effect.

5. It is up to us, humanity.

6. G-d owes us nothing, the world is ours, let's take care of it and each other rather than beating each other.‚



He abandoned his country in order to abdicate the throne. The background consisted of high caliber subjects in his arena who were dangerous and eager to create a Gaullist speaking facade dressed in kimonos, to his confusion. So he did not wear his jabot down his shirt buttons, nor attended the Japanese kabuki theater thereafter. He found a habitat that was occupied by the curved horn Ibex. 



If we study the hierarchy of words which lead to war we can tell something from this. let's try, at the very lowest level, at the grass roots, and this could happen to anybody, it affects all people all the time. and that word is DISTINCTION, the feeling of distinction. 

This causes the second word which is COMPETITION.  

Distinction is better, betterment, improved. This creates competition with the lesser. The next word in-line is DIFFERENCES. 

When you have differences you go to the next word which is INCONSISTENCIES. 

So we see that we are reaching a certain idea in a very slow manner, but the point is that it starts at a level where everybody is affected and it goes up the ladder where less people are affected. Now let's continue. After inconsistencies we have MISUNDERSTANDINGS. 

Obviously due to the differences you could have misunderstandings, for one of the sides misunderstands. This leads to DISAGREEMENTS, a very normal behavior. 

Which creates an incident, may create an incident. Why shouldn't it create an incident.  The incident can be AGGRESSION, Not by everybody but how many people do you need to create a problem, it could be one individual. Agression will lead to a QUARREL. 

A quarrel expands to more people again. A quarrel will lead to an ATTACK. An attack will lead to a FIGHT. A fight will lead to a CLASH or SKIRMISH. And continue on and on until you have COMBAT, BATTLING and WARFARE.  

So we see that it is not anybody in particular who starts wars, but wars start from a situation, and not necessarily by people. In other words it is not even people who want wars. Certainly it is not G-D who creates this series or hierarchy of words. It starts with an innocent and natural phenomenon. So therefore we conclude that war is non-scheduled, war doesn't have an agenda but rather war comes from a path of happenstances which begin with very elusive and innocent behavior and conduct in people. This example is almost like a snowball rolling down a hill, picking up speed, inertia and weight and can't really be stopped. 

A logical question is why doesn't the chain of events get stopped somewhere in the middle of this process before it reaches warfare ? The response is that when you study these particular words you see that he point where it is completely innocent there is no reason to be concerned that it will turn into war.


 However as you go to the next step you notice that it is just a little bit more problematic. Still no reason to assume that it's going to lead to warfare. However when you reach a point of no return it's so to speak to late. There is a point where you cannot stop the wheel anymore. It's too large and involves too many situations, conditions and thinking. It just doesn't get stopped and turns into ugly war. 

Now we can still ask why must all this happen altogether ? The answer I believe is that it's human nature to war. Once the process starts war becomes no more than competition on a very serious and devastating level. When one competes in sports you have the same impetuous and motivation to win as you do at the higher level where the politicians and statesmen, the leaders and representatives, at their level. 

There is another level of competition which draws in the lower scale of the system, the grassroots fighters. The people on top don't fight, they call out war. The soldiers have no say or decision in the matter. They are drawn in similar to a catch 22 - where the security of a country demands the governments duty to form a military and this hierarchy of competition produces the mechanisms for struggle ergo the "security" the war machine becomes a handy instrument to carry out battle. By being defensive we are forced into war. It cannot be stopped nor controlled. 

WAR IS INEVITABLE ?   War is inevitable !

It begins innocently and ends guiltily. However, there is no futility in anything, i.e. there is hope all the time. I believe the theoretical or the philosophical or conceptual method of preventing war in the first place rather than stopping it is by returning to the very first words of the hierarchy which is distinction. When we stop making distinction, that is the point where we can stop warfare and end this grand scale ultimate competition. When we stop making distinction between one another and we see each other as the human beings that we are we can stop the last word in the hierarchy, warfare. 

Once you pass that first square you basically started it going and possibly lead to war. While this does not lead to certain war, all wars however start this way. Halting the problems with one another at the very low point will prevent it. It is really up to each of us to stop war. It is not a question one asks when it is too late. When the milk is spilled you no longer ask why the milk was spilled. 

The milk was spilled already, the idea is not to spill it. As is all things in life. The way to stop wars is not by human intervention but rather at the beginning. 



 when (2) people are talking about themselves singular I, ME, YOU plural US (me & you) when (2) people are talking about others singular HE, SHE, THEY, THEM when (1) person is talking to others YOU, I, ME, US.